Level 3 is now CenturyLink

Your business is built on your network.

To transform your organisation for the digital age and meet your customers' expectations of a modern
business - to grow and evolve, to innovate and drive efficiency - your network must be at the heart of
everything you do. The right network evolves to unlock your organisation's potential keeping it agile
and competitive. Getting it wrong can halt progress.

That's why your choice of network is the most important decision you'll make
for the future of your organisation.

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Digital transformation drives Connected Enterprise Investments

63% of CIOs
Say finding the right partner is a barrier to digital transformation.
Source: Level 3 Digital Transformation Survey, IDG 2016

Complex problems, simple network

Massive influxes of data. Digital marketing. Customer experience. The cloud and mobile. Growing
security concerns. IoT. Secure, flexible working. Complex legacy technology. Juggling innovation with
business as usual. Organisations are facing more challenges than ever before.

At the same time, you need to seamlessly connect your people, locations, processes and devices,
to allow your employees to collaborate and communicate and access information no matter where they
are, and no matter where your resources are located. To become more productive and responsive.

To become a truly Connected Enterprise.

To tackle these issues,
what do you require from your network?

A single, simplified platform
A single, simplified platform
that supports the right mix of public
and private cloud services within
a hybrid solution
Global reach
Global reach
so you can do business
anywhere you need to
and resilience built in,
not added on
Agility in the network
Agility in the network
through Software Defined Networking, letting it respond flexibly and intelligently to the changing needs of the business, with dynamic capacity and bandwidth on demand
Cloud access
Cloud access
with secure, direct connections
to all the major cloud providers
Absolute control
Absolute control
of your application and
network performance
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Download Infographic

Top Five Network Trends to Watch

Understand the potential for a stronger enterprise.
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Building the foundations
of a Connected Enterprise

Our global network and services are designed to help you transform your organisation
as the world we do business in continues to change.

Our specialist solution architect teams work with you, at your pace, taking into account
existing assets. We'll simplify the complexity and create a simple, streamlined and
efficient network for the unique needs of your business.

So whatever your network needs to look like to create a real
Connected Enterprise, we can help you realise your vision.

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